Tiputini - one of the coolest places on Earth

Nearly nine years later...

Posted by Clayton on June 25, 2017

Another post on blogger when I studied abroad in Ecuador. Originally this was three posts but here I’m putting it all together.

boat ride up river Tiputini

Comedor at biodiversity station

flying scarlet macaws side by side. can't remember what the other bird was.

Program director Maria, Stephanie, and awesome guide Mayor looking out from tower 1. some 30-40 meters up

Cucu in our tree.

Tasting lemon ants. Guess what? They taste like lemon.

View down to the platform where I started the climb.

Across the bridge at the site called "Puentes". Aptly named.

Hard to see, but two more scarlet macaws in the tree.

I´m a bit heavier than monkeys, I can´t use their staircase.

Caiman. Not dead, just hunting.

Believe it or not, this picture was taken through a telescope. Not bad, eh?

Canoe ride around the lake. We saw a ton of Hoatzin (pre-historic birds) but I couldn´t get any good pictures.

Whooly (?) Monkey. I´ve got a ton of pictures and a couple of videos of this family ´cuase they were all around us. It was awesome, possibly the highlight of this amazing trip.