Nearly nine years later...

Posted by Clayton on June 25, 2017

Fourth post on blogger when I studied abroad in Ecuador. Baños was pretty. Also, if memory serves, the bus ride to Baños was the first time someone tried to rob me in Ecuador. Sitting next to Jackie, the bus driver kept pointing to us and talking to the helper guy (who makes sure everyone paid for the bus) who would then turn to look at us, shrug, and face forward. We were confused. Then, we stopped for a break and the driver asked me - on the way to the restrooms - “So, did he take anything?”, to which I demonstrated my whit by responding: “huh?”. He clarified, “You know, the thief who was cutting into your bags…”. The answer was no, they did not get anything, but they did get a nice look at Jackie’s pink razors.

First waterfall of the weekend: la cascada silencia

The way down/up to/from la cascada silencia

view from the edge of the waterfall down the valley. Little speck in the distance is where we rode through on the way to the waterfall.

Bridge above la cascada ~diablo~ something in Rio Verde. Last waterfall of the stay in Baños.