Uncle Tío

Toddler who can't say 'L' + dad without Spanish = Uncle Tío

Posted by Clayton on June 25, 2017

I very much enjoy being an uncle, so that seemed like a good place for my first real post. Also, at some point I came across this timeline theme and it seems like tracking some cute pictures of my nephew and then niece is a good way to test it out. So, here goes.


  • September 2011

    A baby boy is born

    I was supposed to be in Costa Rica already, but I’m glad my move was delayed so I could meet this little guy when he was only a week old!

  • December 2011

    Christmas in Arcata

    It’s hard being 3 months old (and also being 23 years old, apparently)

  • July 2012


    It took a couple hours for him to get used to my beard, but we figured it out.

  • October 2012

    Um… I think this was in Portland, OR, when his dad was riding a bike a long distance? (Seattle to Portland)

  • February 2013

    Costa Rica

    Kyle’s first international journey - ‘Tío’ was much easier to say than ‘Uncle’ or ‘Clayton’.

  • February 2013

    Costa Rica #2

    Eagerly awaiting that first ever taste of chocolate….

  • February 2013

    Costa Rica #3

    There were a ton of great pictures, very difficult to keep it to only three.

  • July 2013

    Santa Barbara - picture time

    When phones were clearly the coolest because everyone always looks at them.

  • December 2013

    Santa Barbara

    More SUGAR please…

  • July 2014

    Sunday night chat

    Looks like it was hot in Santa Barbara, but we’re having fun anyway.

  • April 2015

    Family chat & meeting Ellie

    “so little sister, we stare at this video screen and say whatever comes to mind while Mom, Tío, Papa, Shooby, and Uncle Casey talk”

  • May 2015


    Kyle: she’s so heavy

  • June 2015

    San Francisco

    ‘Ah, finally you’re holding me correctly to smile winsomely at the camera.’

  • January 2016


    Ring in the New Year - so long as you don’t take my binky.

  • August 2016

    Seaside, OR

    We survived to find Mom at the finish line; even if we were a little distraught she did not hear our ‘ahoy matey, shiver-me-timbers!’ shouts along the way…

  • December 2016

    Sunnyvale - Merry Christmas!

    It is endlessly entertaining to guess what they are thinking… ‘This Minney Mouse has big ears.’ Or maybe ‘Legos are nice and all but what is in this unopened package?!?’

  • January 2017


    Don’t mess with my flow, Tío, I’m going to the top!