BU goes to St. Domingo... well close to it

Nearly nine years later...

Posted by Clayton on June 25, 2017

Another post on blogger when I studied abroad in Ecuador…

visiting tribe Tsachila near St. Domingo.

no, not an indigenous bathroom. It's for the sick. They heat up rocks then put water and wet leaves in the hole (between Rene's feet) and the patient breathes in the air.

Notice the red thing on the guied's head? They rub the seeds together (red pile on the piece of bark) then rub it into their hair. After a few days it becomes hard and looks quite a bit like a hat.

So we decided to put it on our face.

Tribe shaman´s hut. Complete with stuffed cat-like creature.

Traditional music and dance.

Program director Maria Antonieta practices her spear throwing. She wouldn´t have killed the beast.

She tried and failed, then tried and succeeded. I tried and failed, then tried and failed again.